I’m going to go knit my sock…

February 19, 2010 at 11:18 am 1 comment

So Cranford WAS coming along well. It wasn’t perfect, but I had fudged a bit and it was going along wonderfully. I had 18 hours in the car over the weekend to knit. So I finished the waist patterning, started the v-neck decreases, divided the sweater for the front left, front right, and back sections, Worked one of the front side armcyses. Then… today, I did a little counting… turns out I made one tiny little error before dividing my fronts and back. I decreased an extra stitch… that extra decrease led me to believe that I could divide about an inch too early. I divided an inch too early and then wondered why when I completed the requisite number of v-neck decreases the armcye was like an inch too long. This is supposed to be a fairly tailored sweater… and extra inch of depth in the armcye is somewhat catestrophic. So I need to tear out the entire front left, and the 2-3 inches I’ve done on the back, go back knit the extra inch and do all of it all over again…… grrrrrrr.

When I find a mistake, I want to fix it immediately so I can get back to making progress as soon as reasonably possible. And of course I discoverd all this while knitting in a more public location, and didn’t really have time to fix it. So I have to wait till tonight or tomorrow to do the ripping. So there little Cranford is, sitting all alone and out of favor in it’s canvas bag.

I’m going to go knit my sock… Socks obey me… socks know what I’m envisioning and gladly comply. Sweaters? Well, we’re still working on our relationship. We’re not at the point of finishing each other’s sentances yet… let’s just put it that way.


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A lovely schematic… Isn’t it stunning?

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  • 1. asmplelife  |  March 7, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Ha. I have a misbehaving sweater much like yours. My purple sweater, aka the beast, is still not finished yet. The sleeves were too short when I got to the shoulder caps so I had to keep adding inches. I refuse to wear a cozy warm cowl neck sweater with SHORT sleeves. That’s just plain dopey. My goal is to have it finished by Easter. We’ll see if it behaves any better.


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