Quick Knits? Meh…

October 19, 2010 at 9:06 am Leave a comment

I think I’m learning something new about my knitting style. So I’m working on this super quick-to-knit shrug out of suri dream, and I’m starting to reallize that I actually don’t like super quick knits. Wierd, I know. I mean, aren’t one skien wonders the holy grail of knitting? But none the less, it’s true. The irony is that the reason I don’t like them is because they don’t get done.

Want me to expound? My pleasure.

 It seems that my short attention span doesn’t really like to be pampered, especially by knitting. Knitting (and coffee, but that’s a different post) calms me down, focuses me, gives the hundreds of thoughts running around my mind a common direction. I think when I’m working on quick knits I have this wierd assumption that they’ll be done instantaneously, that they require no work whatsoever. So I’m quick to cast on for these little beauties… but then because I think the thing will fly off my needles after the first 5 stitches, I don’t settle my brain into the work the way I do when I commit to a long term relationship with a sweater. So as a result my brain is just as crazy, I don’t enjoy working on it, put it down, don’t finish it and after a few rounds of this, I feel guilty because I have all these dumb little projects that aren’t done.

So I think the shrug discussed yesterday is falling into this category. I love the yarn, I love the fabric that’s being produced. However, because it’s a “quick knit”, I’m not giving it the design or knitting attention it deserves. I’m not ripping when I see mistakes, I’m not calculating ease and guage as rigorously, and as a result I have a shrug that isn’t done yet and doesn’t fit quite as well as I would like. What makes this sweater even less likely to be done is that I don’t even have enough yarn for it. To finish I’d have to order more, and with all the Christmas knitting upon me, I really can’t justify buying yarn at the moment.

So long story short, I think this little idea will have to go into the pile of concepts to be fleshed out at the proper level of detail at a later date. This time at the right guage, with the right level of commitment that I think a garment like this really deserves. I mean, I really want a cute little shrug. I wouldn’t have started it if I didn’t want it.

Question of the day… knowing that the likilhood of finishing is quite low, do I frog it? Or do I hope to come back to it? What would you do?


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