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Since I’m leaving my full-time job in a couple of months so I can be the super busy full-time wife and homemaker I want to be, Chuck and I have been revisiting the idea of pets. We both like animals and would love have a small hobby farm someday. We keep trying to figure out what kind of animals we can currently have on our little 1/3 of an acre. Obviously the livestock we’d like to have on our hobby farm is impossible, so we keep running through the list of standard (or not so standard) pets that lots of little suburbanites seem to enjoy.

Cat’s are out, I’m deathly allergic to them. That’s probably a slight exaggeration, however given that I literally seem to have a harder time breathing in a cat-hair coated home, gives my pause about that becoming my home.

Flying Squirrels. Yes, you read right. Chuck wants a flying Squirrel. Since they’re illegal in this state, I have an easy out. 🙂 All joking aside, the domestic breeds are pretty cool pets I’ve heard. Our state just doesn’t want people trying to tame them out of the wild. It’s actually a pretty dumb law.

Dogs. We have this thing that pets should be cheap or they should pay rent. Dogs don’t seem to fall in either category. I really don’t feel like stretching our food budget to include a 50 lb. dog that doesn’t do anything but make me walk him and look sweet. And no, companionship isn’t really a rent-paying skill in our minds. Chuck and I are very content with each others companionship and have tons of wonderful friends to keep us busy. So we really can’t justify the expense.

Goats. These guys totally pay their rent. Chuck and I love goat’s milk cheese. Win-win in my mind. But we don’t have a fence up yet, and can’t really afford it yet. Not to mention the maintenance of these guys is a little above what we can commit to right now. You can’t just drop them off at a goat kennel when you’re going on vacation. But they’re definitely in our future.

Sheep. See above.

I was starting to reconcile my brain to the fact that we wouldn’t have animals till we have our grown up house with that little bit of land. Untill this last weekend when we went to the rabbit exhibits at the state fair and got to see the angora rabbits up close. They’re adorable. I had wanted one a while back, but given up on the idea since I didn’t have enough time after work to take care of them. That problem is about to be solved. I did a little reading, and it turns out they make wonderful pets. You can house train them, and they’re very docile. They do require grooming twice a week. Oh shucks, you mean I have to sit down and pet and comb this little guy two whole times every week? Well, I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.  I’ll also get to harvest and use the wool they produce. Very exciting for this little fiber enthusiast.

The only barrier to this little pet is our floors. Even if we house train the wooly wabbit, he may forget fairly often about where he’s supposed to go. Not too often but often enough to make our carpet smell like pee. Not cool. One of the home improvements that is very high on our list is redoing our floors with laminate wood. That would make it much, much easier to clean up after an occasional accident.

So hopefully that adorable little guy in the picture is in our future. We’ll see how quickly we can save for that floor. 🙂


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