Into the Mountains

November 11, 2010 at 10:02 am Leave a comment

Tomorrow my husband and I will be taking a fun little trip into the mountains of Tennessee. I’m very excited. I grew up in the northeast, and I’ve seen the green and white mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire at their peak multi-colored leaf seasons, but now I get to see the smokey mountains at their peak. How fun!

The best part? The Smokey Mountain Spinnery. How could the best part of a trip not have to do with fiber? I’m especially excited because there will be spinning wheels there to touch and feel. I’m hoping to have a little money saved in the next few months to buy a wheel, but I don’t know exactly which one I want. Based on my internet research, I’m leaning towards the Ashford traveler as it’s very versatile. I’m hoping they’ll have one there I can try out, which will be a trick since I don’t really know how to spin on a wheel yet.  I’ve gotten the advice from a couple different people to take lessons first then buy the wheel, but I don’t like to spend money and I have a decent track record for teaching myself a lot of things. I taught myself how to spin on a spindle and that turned out to be a rather successful endeavor. I also taught myself almost everything I know about knitting after my grandmother covered the knit and purl stitch with me. So I’m pretty confident I can muddle through figuring out a wheel on my own. But muddling through that in front of people at a store, now that could be a different story.  

We’ll be back on monday with the verdict on these two very important matters…

1) Can I teach myself to spin on a wheel in public without getting self conscious and freaking out?

2) Have I decided which wheel to be shameless about dropping hints to my husband about?

I know… quite a cliff hanger of a blogpost….oh the drama.


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