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You’d think that having twins would have put a serious cramp in my knitting lifestyle. While I couldn’t wait to be a mom, I really dreaded losing myself into the role. I feared I would be nothing more than a nursing, diapering machine, incapable of creative thought for the next few years. I knew it would all be worth it, after all I have a fantastic relationship with my parents, and I can’t wait till I have that with my own children. But I thought there would be a lot of gritting through the next few years, trying to keep a vision for how good it would be in 20 years.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. True, I can’t run to the yarn store on a moments notice (not that I did anyways), and a lot of my day is spent nursing and diapering. But, they do nap, and there isn’t THAT much housework to do, and in actuality I do have a couple hours a day I could carve out to work on whatever needs to get done (knitting, paying bills, cooking, etc). But there’s more to it than time. I can not believe how inspired I am. After my initial release last April, I experienced a huge, huge slump of creativity. It was soooo frustrating. Here I was, not working, having hours on end to do whatever I thought needed to get done, and yet by the end of 2011, I hadn’t accomplished nearly what I had hoped to. For some reason, I thought the slump was semi-permanent. But it wasn’t! Quite the opposite! There is something about caring for these little ones that has created a general feeling of hopefulness in everything I do. I really can’t explain it. The practical knitting result of this is that my mind is exploding with ideas, much like it was when I first knew I was going to quit my job and have time to design. It’s incredible, my knitting notebook is filling quickly with blogging ideas, sweater ideas, toy ideas, diaper cover measurements and all kinds of other evidence that the bug has once again bit.

I don’t have all the time in the world. But I do get time to knit and even get my brain really wrapped around the math involved in the design, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to create once again.

Thank you my dearest Chad and Elsie! Your mommy is already so richly blessed through your adorable smiles.


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