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The last few weeks has seen this knitting blogger re-engage with social media with a fury. I’ve always liked the blog and kept up with it. But everything else, facebook, twitter, even ravelry have ebbed and flowed over the last few years. There was something about the blog that I just loved, that none of the others really replaced. The ability to develop a complete thought. It was fantastic to sit down for an hour and wax eloquently about some knitterly thing that was on my mind.

However, now my time doesn’t come in hours, and when it does, it’s devoted to keeping up the house, and *gasp* actual knitting. But all these blog worthy thoughts continue to fly through my brain to the point where when I sit down, I’m utterly torn between blogging about some knitting project on my mind and actually knitting it! Then it occured to me…isn’t this what twitter is for? So if you’re wondering what’s going on over here at Elegant Economy, I highly recommend you follow me on twitter. I guarantee you’ll have up to the minute news about my knitterly thoughts and ponderings. Right now I’m infatuated with my new book, “Principles of Knitting”.

And in my newly found enthusiasm for twitter, I’ve become curious about other social media not yet tested. I recently heard about plurk, and I’ve gone so far as to set up an account, and plurk one little message. I also logged into google+, an account I had set up but never used. However neither of them really grabbed me right away. It probably has something to do with the fact that I haven’t started following anyone yet, and so there’s really nothing interesting to participate in. I’m told there’s a cool knitting community on google+ which intrigues me, since it’s the only one that has the ability to video chat, which seems like a cool idea for a virtual Knit Night. Something to explore.

Anyways, what social media do you use? And why do you like it? 


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