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August 30, 2013 at 6:57 am Leave a comment

If you’ve been around the knitting blogosphere for any length of time you’ve probably heard about the phenomena of knitting mojo. Some of us have got our mojo on, and some of us have lost it entirely. After almost 5 years of cruising the blogs, I’ve started to see the cycles, both in other knitters and in my own mood. It seems like the entire knitting world surges with ideas, inspiration and excitement right about…..now.

It’s the tail end of August. And as we are finishing our vacations and planning fall schedules, suddenly cold weather doesn’t feel that far away… and neither does Christmas, that joyous season when us knitters love to envelope the ones we love in all the knitwear we can dream up. So we start knitting, and as we start knitting, we start researching patterns, and checking out blogs. And then all the fall magazines come out, twist collective, knitty, etc. And then,….our first finished project for the fall, and suddenly we’re invincible! It’s a fantastic feeling.

And that’s where I am right now.


I’ve been knitting for a fundraiser that happens to be next week, and with every completed item, my invincibility complex seems to grow. After finishing that delightful infinity scarf, I decided I could totally finish a pair of sock before next week, maybe even two! Well I’m not even done with the cuff, so we’ll se how this goes. 🙂

But the fun part is that this thing is over next week, which means that fall is just beginning, and my mojo is at an all time high. Which means…. who knows how much I just might start cranking out!


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