Welcome to my Twitter Knitters!

Thanks for checking me out. Since you found me from twitter, you probably already know that I love to knit. I blog about the same things I tweet about, only with a lot more careful and thoughtful treatment of the topics that escalate from tweet-worthy to blog-worthy.

All of my knitting and designing revolves around this: I want to knit beautiful things that put mall fashions to shame and stand the test of the budget. I started publishing my patterns so you could do the same.

Subscribe to my blog, and you’ll know when new designs are in the works, what new technique I’m playing with, and what random knitting topic happens to be on my mind. I also like to ask my readers (that means you!) their thoughts and opinions about various knitting related quandaries. Click on this link and it’ll ask you for your email address.

When you do subscribe, drop me a note (eleganteconomy at gmail dot com) or comment, I’d love to know a little bit about you and what drives your knitting passion!

Happy Knitting!