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ALLL the pretty yarn!

Know a baby due to arrive this fall?! Seems like there’s been a bit of a baby boom around me, so the shower invitations and planning emails are circling. If you’re planning to knit a little something for this precious package, why not knit a little Sweetling Sweater? Go for it… pick up the pattern on Ravelry, grab some yarn and dive in! AND don’t forget! it’s 50% off until tomorrow night. Enter sweet1week when checking out on Ravelry.

Wait… what yarn? Isn’t that always the question? Sometimes it really is hard to match a pattern with the right yarn, or vise versa. So I decided to do a bit of leg work for you! I’ve poked around and put together a list of yarns that I personally would use to make this sweater for one of my next showers. Some I’ve used in the past, others I’m just drooling over. But ALL of these would make a beautiful sweater.

Happy Shopping!

Economical Ideas

Knit Picks Stroll – $19 for 12 month size
(This is calculated off of 4 skeins, which only gives you 924 yds. instead of the recommended 940 yds. in the pattern. However I did put a small buffer in the yardage requirements, so you should be fine. Just watch that gauge!!!)

Knit Picks Swish Worsted – $24 for 12 month size

Knit Picks Stroll Tonal – $24 for 12 month size
(Same disclaimer as the regular stroll. This is calculated off of 2 skiens of yarn which only gives you 924 yds. You’ll be fine if you watch your gauge!)

Elegantly Economical Ideas

Classic Elite Liberty Wool – $34 for 12 month size

Purely Elegant Ideas

Expression Fiber Arts Sock Yarn – $44 for 12 month size

Wullenstudio Sock Yarn – $44 for 12 month size

Miss Babs Tarte  – $52 for 12 month size

Space Cadet Creations Lucina – $58 for 12 month size (This one has glitter in it!)

UrbanGypz South American Sock Yarn – $60 for $12 month size


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Introducing the Sweetling Sweater and a Giveaway!

I’m proud to introduce a pattern I’ve been working on for some time! The Sweetling Sweater!

Sweetling Sweater

It went on the needles back in October! And now it’s done and ready for you to make for some little darling in your life! It’s knit in pieces and seamed together. This was one of my first seaming projects and I had a blast! Look up the mattress stitch. Super easy!


The texture pattern was lots of fun to play with. A bit of a riff off the double moss stitch with some fun twists, It kept my attention and made for a really interesting final product.


And the photo session was a blast! Nothing more fun than chasing a 10 month old around with a camera. 🙂

Sweetling Sweater


And….. what fun would a new pattern be without a FREE givaway! Post the ravelry link to this pattern ( on your favorite social media site, and comment on this post telling me that you did, with your ravelry ID, and you’ll be entered to win! It’s that simple! I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday…. so hurry!

Also, if I get more than 50 comments, I just might give away more than one pattern! Spread the word. 🙂

Pattern Details

This darling sweater is an interesting but quick knit.  Most of the detail is found in a simple textured pattern on the yoke, while the arms and body are all simple stockinette. The style is feminine and functional, pairing well with any outfit, but also something you can quickly throw on your little one when going for a walk in spring or fall. This is a fabulous baby shower gift or the perfect project for mom as she waits for her new little one. It was designed for, modeled by, and named after my daughter, whose daddy calls her “sweetling”.

Gauge – 22 sts x 32 rows = 4 inches/10cm, worked in stockinette with yarn held double, on US5/3.75mm needles or size needed to obtain gauge.

Sizes – Newborn (3 month, 6 month) (12 month, 18 month, 24 month)

Chest Size of Finished Garment – 15.5 (17, 18) (19.5, 21, 22.5) inches or 39.5 (43, 45.5) (49.5, 53.5, 57) cm

Required Materials

  • Yarn: 620 (720, 800) (940, 1100, 1240)yds/566 (620, 732) (860, 1006, 1134)m of sock/fingering weight yarn (100% Superwash Merino) by your favorite indie dyer.
    Note: Sample is Knit up in LusterSoft by Expression Fiber Arts – 369yds (337m)/100g ; Colorway: Crown Jewels.
  • Needles: Size 5 US/3.75mm 32” circular needle, Size 3/3.25mm 32” circular needle.
  • Notions: (10) Removable stitch markers, waste yarn or stitch holders, tapestry needle for seaming, (5) buttons.

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Introducing the Puckery Posy Cowl!

I am thrilled with this project.

One of the things I strive for the most in design is to create projects that are fun for knitters to make AND really, really look like you picked it up at a boutique hipster clothing store. And while I seem to see beautiful knitwear from these stores all the time, the challenge to design something in the same vein is usually much harder than I expect when I begin a project.

This time around I had extra inspiration. I teamed up with Chandi over at Expression Fiber Arts. If you’ve never taken a look at her yarn, you must! Her colors are amazingly beautiful and cutting edge. And I love following her blog and Facebook page, she’s a wonderfully sweet and encouraging person.

This cowl was designed with her brand new line of Spectrum Color Shift yarns. A single ply wool yarn with long color changes. When she sent me a photo of the different colorways, it was all I could do to choose just one!

My fashionable sister agreed to model for me. I don’t what I’d do without her. She loves playing with my twins, she weighs in when my fashion sense is completely off base, and she even likes modeling the final project. Isn’t she beautiful?

Here’s to one or two more cuddly, wool projects before spring is here!


This fashionably funky cowl is a breeze to knit up, and with a simple twist you’ll take your knitted work from warm and pretty to downright adorable. It’s designed so that there is lots of thick warm fabric right around your neck for you to snuggle your chin down into without adding any bulk to your coat. The sample in the photography is knit up in Spectrum Color Shift by Expression Fiber Arts, a single ply worsted yarn with long color changes. The color changes paired with the textured stitch pattern add depth and interest to an otherwise simple accessory.
Size: One Size Fits All
Dimensions: 25 inches/63.5cm around x 8 inches/ 20.5cm wide
Gauge: 20 stitches = 4 inches/10cm
-2 skeins of Expression Fiber Arts Spectrum Color Shift (100g, 175 yds/skein), Coffee and Cream colorway.
-Size 6 US/4.0mm needles
-8 removable stitch markers (at least three need to be a different color from the others)
-Darning needle

Purchase the pattern over at Ravelry,

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Farnsworth Sweater

I’m totally thrilled with two out of the three sweaters designs I used  for my little one. If you remember from a few posts ago, I made two girl-specific sweaters, two boy sweaters, and two gender neutral sweaters. The gender neutral ones left something to be desired, but I’ll get to that later. The others were absolutely darling!

Here is one of the boy sweaters modeled on Chad.

In retrospect it seems a little silly to knit sweaters for babies due in april who live in NC. I mean really, aren’t they going to wear them like twice before it’s too hot? What can I say? I’m a knitter and these babies just didn’t seem properly welcomed without a few sweaters made just for them.

For this sweater, I wanted a simple textured stitch pattern. Something that didn’t take a lot of concentration, but had a more dramatic effect than all-over stockinette.

I’ve also had a thing for the Matthew Cuthbert sweater style for men. Big and warm with huge shawl collars for those super chilly nights on Prince Edward Island. And since newborn boys always look like darling little old men, the style seemed thoroughly appropriate.

When I first discovered Remix, I picked up some grey and blue. As you may remember I ended up doing the crossover cardi out of the grey, and loved it. But I never ended up using the blue, so this ended up being a great little stash busting project. If you go out and buy the yarn, the sweater only requires one skein, and should only set you back about $10. A pretty cheap little baby knit in my mind.

My only irritation with the final product is how the button band turned out. This is a consistent complaint I have with my sweaters, and I ripped this button band out three times trying to get it right and finally surrendered. I never ever seem to have a button band that lays perfectly perpendicular to the body of the sweater. I either pick up too few stitches making it pull up from the bottom, or I pick up too many and it fans out from the bottom. I decided to go with the what was the lesser of two evils in my mind, fanning out from the bottom. I’ve included my notes on how I worked up this sweater below. I’d be curious how others knitters tackle the button band. Actually if you have any button band wisdom at all, I would totally like to hear from you. Have you figured out a trick? Have you run across other blogs or instructional videos that may shed light?

If this is a sweater your interested in knitting for a new little one in your life, I hope the following notes are helpful. Please note that I haven’t graded this for multiple sizes, and it hasn’t been tech-edited. If you run into issues, please let me know, I’d love to help as best I can, but my time is a bit limited these days. Nursing twins in quite the time-hog!


Farnsworth Sweater Notes

Gauge: 3.5-4 sts/inch

Materials: 1 ball Berroco Remix, #8 (US) Needles (or size needed to obtain gauge), stitch markers

Size: 0-3 months

CO 34 sts
Work 2×2 ribbing for 2 inches starting with purl, end on wrong side row
Row 1: purl.
Rows 2, 3, and 4: Work three rows of 2×2.
Rep these four rows till work measures 8 inches.
Purl 1 row.
Bind off.

Left Front Side (As worn)
CO 18 sts
Work same as back till work is 5 inches long. End on wrong side row.
Attach stitch marker to 1st stitch. This marks the beginning of the v-neck decreases.
Purl 1 row.
Sl1, p2tog, work to end in established pattern.
Work in established pttern.
Rep these two rows until work measures 8, 9, 10 inches. bind off

Right Front (as worn)

Work mirror image for opposite side, make sure final # sts same as left front.

Sleeve (Make 2)

CO 26 sts
Work 3 rows in 2×2 ribbing starting with purl, ending on wrong side row
Purl one row.
Row 1: sl1, p2tog, work in established pattern to last 3 sts, ssp, p1.
Rows 2 and 3: work 2 more rows in established 2×2 ribbing.
Row 4: purl.
Repeat above 4 rows 5 more times. (14 sts)
Work in 2×2 ribbing until work is 6 inches long.
Bind off.

Seam. Keep the stitch markers at the corner of the v-neck in place.

Button Band
Pick up 3 sts for every 2 slipped stitches around. As you come to the stitch markers that indicate the start of the v-neck, remove them from the front fabric, and transfer them to the needle being used to pick up the stitches. Place stitches markers on each side of the neck stitches. The exact number of stitches is not important, but DO make sure that the number of stitches between the each stitch marker and the respective bottom edge is the same.

With Right side facing knit all stitches you picked up. Turn work.
Sl1, work in 2×2 ribbing across.
Sl1, work all stitches as presented; knit the knits and purl the purls.
Work one more wrong side row, slipping the first stitch of each row.

To shape the shawl collar, you will start on a right side row and work sts as presented (knit the knits and purl the purls) to past the first v-neck marker, and both shoulder seam markers to one st before the 2nd v-neck marker. Wrap and turn. Work to opposite v-neck marker, wrap and turn. Work to second shoulder seam marker, wrap and turn. Work to opposite shoulder seam marker, wrap and turn. Work sts as presented untill you reach the v-neck marker (also the last marker). You will create your button hole in the next full set of “k2” immediately after this marker. After working to the set of “k2”, k2tog, yo, work all sts as presented to the end of the row.

Work 2 more rows, working all sts as presented and slipping the first st of each row.
Next row, knit across.

Bind Off.

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Introducing: Lager Socks

When I first started designing, I swore I’d never design socks. No particular reason, other than I felt like there were lots of other designers that were doing a phenomenal job in that section of the pattern industry, and I didn’t feel like I had anything interesting or exciting to add.

Well this winter found me with like two pair of hand knit socks and they didn’t even fit very well. I had a mountain of baby knitting to work on and I wanted these socks fast. You may also remember my eureka moment with the centered increase in December. That little discovery has oppened the door to a lot of creative stitch patterns that I was just aching to try. So inspiration met practicality and the result was these amazing socks, that were fun and interesting to knit, and were finished in two days.

If your interested in knitting them too, here are the details.

Sizes – Designed to fit a foot measuring 8.5” (21.5cm) around the ball. Size can be slightly adjusted by going up or down a needle size or two.

Required Materials:
• 1 skein of Plymouth Galway Worsted (100% Wool) – 210 yds. / 100g. Colorway: 722
• Size US 6/4.00mm circular needle(s) or DPNs depending on your preferred method of knitting socks.
• Stitch markers (A minimum of 1 is required as well as any others you prefer to keep track of the stitch pattern)
• Tapestry Needle

Gauge – 16 sts x 26 rows over 4” / 10cm in Stockinette stitch with #6 needles.
Skills Required:
• Knit and purl
• Increasing and Decreasing
• Kitchener Stitch
• Short rows

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Introducing the Grey Goose Cardi

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for some time. But that day is finally here. I’ve been talking a lot about Berroco Glint for the last few months, and now, may I introduce to you the sweater that shows of this yarn so beautifully, Grey Goose Cardi.

I’ve really wanted an elegant, drapy cardigan ever since I first saw them everywhere. When I clapped my eyes on Berroco Glint, the match was made. This is a wonderfully drapy yarn and the little bit of metallic gives it such an elegant look. It’s an incredibly versatile cardigan, that will add some spice to your wardrobe throughout the year. The top down construction and all over stockinette pattern makes it a super quick knit.

Sizes – 30 (34, 38, 42) (46, 50,54)” Bust
Sample size: 34” shown on a 34” bust. Suggested ease: 0”, If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size.

Required Materials:
• 8 (9, 11, 13) (15, 17, 19) skeins of Berroco Glint (80% cotton, 12% nylon, 8% metallic) – 141 yd / 50g. Colorway: Goddess
• Size US 6/4.00mm 42” circular needle, or whatever size is required to get gauge
• Size US 6/4.00mm 24” circular needle, or whatever size is required to get gauge
• 5 stitch markers
• Tapestry Needle

Gauge – 22 sts x 26 rows over 4” / 10cm in Stockinette stitch with #6 needles, block before checking gauge

Skills Required:
• Knit and purl
• Increasing between stitches
• Provisional cast on
• Binding off
• Short rows

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Elegant Economy Spring 2011 Runway: Day 4

Hello my fine readers. Today I bring you the final installment of the Elegant Economy Spring 2011 Knitwear Collection.

I proudly introduce Silverlight.

It’s all about the ruffles in this tank. Spring is my favorite time to shop. The fashion of this season is always so pretty and feminine. This tank with its dramatic and frilly collar will look delightful paired with tailored capris or a wispy skirt.

I loved knitting this tank. Even though it’s a pretty small guage, all that stockinette punctuated with occasional increases and decreases for the waist and bust shaping make it a really relaxing garment to knit.

As you can tell, Knit Picks are among my favorite yarn brands. This design is no exception. The sample was knit out of Knit Picks Comfy Sport, and depending on your size only requires 5-9 balls, making it a very reasonably priced project.

Gauge – 23sts x 8 rows/4 inches

Sizes – (x-small, small)( medium, large, x-large)

Finished Garment Size at Bust – (29.25, 33) (36.75, 41.5, 45.25) inches. This top is designed to have negative one to zero inches of ease.  It is worth noting that cotton does not have the memory that wool does and after one or two uses of the garment, the fabric will stretch. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a size.

Required Materials –

  • Knit Picks Comfy Sport – (5, 6,)(7, 8, 9) balls or (625, 750) (875, 1000, 1150) yards. (136 yd/124m to 50g/1.76oz. 75% cotton, 25% acrylic. Colorway: Whisker)
  • #3 or 3.25mm, 29” circular needle.
  • #3 or 3.25mm DPNs (you can use the 29” circular needle and use the magic loop method if you prefer).
  • 5 stitch holders or waste yarn.
  • 6 stitch markers.


Well, that brings the Spring 2011 Collection to a close. Stay tuned for the faithful follower giveaway winner announcement, as well as some other surprises.

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