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Our Bees Came!

Actually, they came about 2 weeks ago, but I’m just now getting pictures up.

Our Bees are here!

Tying them up tight.

Getting them settled in their spot.

Pulling the plug

All suited up

Fireing up the smoker

Putting our hands in a hive of bees!!

Even I helped move some frames!


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“How can there be ponds if dirt floats!?!”

I’ll spare you the long drawn out story about Chuck’s bee research. Long story short, he’s getting bees. They’re supposed be coming next week. Now bees, like all living things, need water. So in prep for the arrival of the bees he’s been looking into how to do a water source that would work for the bees.

So last week he bought what resembled a large flower pot and some aquatic lettuce plants to have floating in the water for the bees to stand on while drinking. He filled the bucket, dropped the lettuce plants in, and we pretty much left them alone.

The last few days Chuck’s been getting antsy. Kinda thought they were rotting, and started to wonder how they were growing or getting nutrients without there being any dirt. I really didn’t think much of it.

Till this afternoon.

His antsy-ness turned into action.

He found some forgotten potting soil, and took the time to show me the cute thistle in the middle of it.

I went into the house to put away the laundry he had folded so nicely for us this afternoon.

Suddenly, from behind me i hear… “honey, I think I made a mistake. It floats! how can there be ponds if dirt floats?!”

I went to the back deck and this is what I saw.

I did my best to sympathize and be the helping, advising wife I try so hard to be.

I failed.

I split a gut laughing, took a picture, and blogged it.

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