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At least it is to me… since I like to design my own knitwear and I’m a bit of a web geek. This is one of the coolest sites I’ve ever seen.

Now, if you do not fall into either of the catagories of either designer or geek, please pardon my extreme excitement.

From a pure technology perspective, I think the knitting sites have the edge on cool sites. Ravelry has amazing information management and this site has a very pure and simple interface that is easy to use and creates a lot of value. The fact that I’m pretty much only ever on knitting sites has nothing at all to do with my assesment.

For the new designer who doesn’t want to spend tons of money on software, this little chart generator is amazing. Elegant Economy indeed.

And I promise to be back with pictures of the Cranford Cardi. It’s finished! And in spite of the average temperature being in the 70’s, I’ve found it to work wonderfully in my extremely cold office.


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Cranford Cardi Notes – Now Available Through Ravelry

For more detailed pictures and notes of the Cranford Cardi visit my Ravelry project page. Ravelry has just enabled public sharing of project pages. Very slick, allows you to immediately share over twitter or facebook. However, I would love it if they created a button for it, like they do for the designers projects. If you look at some of the designers blogs, they have these adorable little ravelry buttons that show how many projects are completed or in progress using their pattern. I’d love such a cute button for a single project that I could put in a blog post… like this.

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Progress on Cranford Cardi

Voila! My warm winter cardigan is here just in time for the warm spring weather. Oh well, at least it’s a springy color and will keep me warm in my over-air-conditioned office. But seriously, isn’t it turning out beautifully? The purple is just breathtaking in my mind. A light fresh color with a rich tone.

And the stitch definition is wonderful.

And it looks wonderful with my cute little yellow daffodils. 🙂

Almost there… maybe it’ll be done in a week or two… maybe?

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I’m going to go knit my sock…

So Cranford WAS coming along well. It wasn’t perfect, but I had fudged a bit and it was going along wonderfully. I had 18 hours in the car over the weekend to knit. So I finished the waist patterning, started the v-neck decreases, divided the sweater for the front left, front right, and back sections, Worked one of the front side armcyses. Then… today, I did a little counting… turns out I made one tiny little error before dividing my fronts and back. I decreased an extra stitch… that extra decrease led me to believe that I could divide about an inch too early. I divided an inch too early and then wondered why when I completed the requisite number of v-neck decreases the armcye was like an inch too long. This is supposed to be a fairly tailored sweater… and extra inch of depth in the armcye is somewhat catestrophic. So I need to tear out the entire front left, and the 2-3 inches I’ve done on the back, go back knit the extra inch and do all of it all over again…… grrrrrrr.

When I find a mistake, I want to fix it immediately so I can get back to making progress as soon as reasonably possible. And of course I discoverd all this while knitting in a more public location, and didn’t really have time to fix it. So I have to wait till tonight or tomorrow to do the ripping. So there little Cranford is, sitting all alone and out of favor in it’s canvas bag.

I’m going to go knit my sock… Socks obey me… socks know what I’m envisioning and gladly comply. Sweaters? Well, we’re still working on our relationship. We’re not at the point of finishing each other’s sentances yet… let’s just put it that way.

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Voila! Current progress on the Cranford Cardi. It’s knit in one piece from the bottom and will be divided for the arms. I’m loving the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn. This amethyst heather is stunning, and the stitch definition on the open work and raised ribbing is beautiful. It’s only designed with about 2 inches of ease, so not a lot of room for errors. It’s going to block a bit bigger, but of couse I forgot to write down my guage prior to blocking my swatch, so I’m sorta just guessing as I check my guage throughout the project. I may just have to knit another swatch to check… Grrr. We’ll see.

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This weekend…

Well, it finally looks like I’ll get to watch Return to Cranford. I had to work for a majority of the last two weekends. This weekend, I don’t foresee that happening. I absolutely can’t wait to cuddle up and knit Cranford (the cardi) and watch Cranford (the movie) at the same time! It’s been a very, very long week or two and I’m really looking forward to the mini break.

And to top off my rejoicing… Masterpiece Theater is releasing a new Emma! The first two installments have already played. There is still one more episode airing on Sunday night if you don’t happen to be watching the SuperBowl. I will be watching it will about 30 teenagers at our Church and their families. Luckily, that will translate to some nice knitting time. One or two of the teenagers there knit too and have about as much interest in football as I do. But hey, I am interested in Chili, and there will be plenty of that! 

Knitting and Cranford on Saturday, Knitting and Chili on Sunday. I’m going to be a happy woman. 🙂

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Aspiring to Progress…

So last night had high hopes and aspirations to make lots more progress on Cranford. Part of that progress included posting pictures here of my swatching. But that’ll have to wait till the weekend, I fear. I have knit just under 5 inches of the body all the way around. Considering that the sweater will be around 25 inches long from shoulder to hip, that means that I’ve done a sizable fraction of it. I’ve hit the raised lace pattern so no mindless knitting for me.

This is my current mindless knitting… recognize it? That is the gorgeous chilean yarn featured in my blog header so picturesequely with the sock DPNs sticking out. Araucania Ranco Multy. (BTW… I can no longer write the word “picturesque”, without laughing over that chapter in Anne of the Island, when she’s riding with that woman that pronouces it as “picture-skew”.)

Its hard for me to believe that a sock, for me, is mindless knitting. I remember almost crying over several sock patterns trying to wrap my mind around the concept of a heel. I have no idea how many heels I’ve torn out. But after years of thinking I would never learn, my Aunt gave me confidence… and with a little help from Holly Shaltz I finally figured it out… now I rarely use a pattern, especially if the socks are pretty basic. And with yarn like this? Who wants to muddy up the beauty with a lace pattern you’ll have to fix 204 times before you’re done.

Cranford pictures will come, I promise.

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