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This weekend…

Well, it finally looks like I’ll get to watch Return to Cranford. I had to work for a majority of the last two weekends. This weekend, I don’t foresee that happening. I absolutely can’t wait to cuddle up and knit Cranford (the cardi) and watch Cranford (the movie) at the same time! It’s been a very, very long week or two and I’m really looking forward to the mini break.

And to top off my rejoicing… Masterpiece Theater is releasing a new Emma! The first two installments have already played. There is still one more episode airing on Sunday night if you don’t happen to be watching the SuperBowl. I will be watching it will about 30 teenagers at our Church and their families. Luckily, that will translate to some nice knitting time. One or two of the teenagers there knit too and have about as much interest in football as I do. But hey, I am interested in Chili, and there will be plenty of that! 

Knitting and Cranford on Saturday, Knitting and Chili on Sunday. I’m going to be a happy woman. 🙂


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Cranford Sweater: Knitting Commenced

So that rather intimidating piece of paper with all those formulas turned into a really intimidating excel spreadsheets. I knit a large swatch last week, and spent the last few days applying that to all my calculations. I still need to write up a decent looking chart for the lace/rib design around the waist. But I finally got sick of my analysis paralysis. I’m now knitting. I cast on all 155 sts, knit the bottom section of seed/moss stitch, and hit the first row of the reverse stockinette stitch.  This certainly isn’t going to be a week long sock pattern, but comparatively speaking… this’ll knit up fast. A month? A month would be perfect… I’d have a couple months to wear it before the weather got warm. 🙂

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To Knit By

A couple Saturdays ago, I had the extreme pleasure of sitting for 5 straight hours enjoying the enchantments of “Cranford”, for which this blog is named, and doing some rather in depth design work.  This is one of those times when it is just wonderful to be behind the curve. I just barely got a chance to watch this after having borrowed it from my sister for over two months. Now, literally a week later, I find this. “Return to Cranford” was just released on Masterpiece Classic. You can watch the full episodes online until the middle of February. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Two new episodes of Cranford, and a box of yarn in the mail. *Sigh* I just can’t describe the peace an afternoon with a good movie to knit by can bring, and these days, peace is a very precious commodity.

Life is a bit rough at the moment… stress is high, emotions of me and others unpredictable. I am so very, very thankful that God in his mercy gives us the little things, like Cranford and knitting, as little sources of grace with which to handle the more complicated things of life.

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