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Scheming and Planning

I fell in love this weekend. I had so much fun going to the smoky mountain spinnery. My only regret is I didn’t have enough time to be there all day long. I got to try the ashford traveler I’ve been eying and the majacraft rose. The rose was beautiful, and treadled so smoothly that even I could appreciate it, but it was WAY outside of even my theoretical price range. The little ashford is perfect though. I’m totally convinced that that’s the wheel I’m saving for.

Chuck was my hero in that store. For some reason I’m rediculously shy in private little establishments like yarn stores. So I stood there looking at the ashford trying to figure out how to start spinning on it without attracting any attention whatsoever. Which considering that there was nowhere to sit was pretty impossible. What a sight I would have made trying to peddle the wheel while squatting! So as I stood there stupidly petting the pretty piece of wood work, Chuck took charge and asked the owner for a stool I could use. 20 seconds later I was spinning! Like really spinning! On a wheel! The owner commented that I was going pretty fast and putting a lot of twist in it. Which I guess makes sense, since I’m always attempting to spin hard wearing sock yarn, so I’m always putting tons of twist in my spindled yarn. But I appreciated her comment. That’s how I learn, not with lessons, but with people commenting on things, letting me know there are different ways to do things to gain a different effect. So I reallized I didn’t have to pedal like a mad woman to make a light and lofty worsted weight yarn for a cuddly winter sweater. But still, over twisting or not, I was spinning.

I totally romanticize what having some new toy will do for my life. All I can think about with this little beauty is how much I want to settle down on cold nights while Chuck reads me a book, or how in the spring I’ll have dinner all ready and spend the last hour of my day spinning on the porch waiting for Chuck to come home. Such peaceful and homey little visions!

So now the scheming and planning for how I’m going to save my money begins.


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Another New Convert, Me!

Back in May I went to the Carolina Fiber Festival. It was absolutely thrilling. It was my first fiber festival, and I only could spare an hour or two, but I still managed to snag a sweater quantity of 100% alpaca, a merino/silk batt and a few ounces of undyed lama/icelandic fiber. I was absolutely entranced by all the unspun fiber billowing around me. I loved the alpaca yarn, but I suddenly wasn’t as resolved as I had been about not getting into spinning. I decided to buy a few ounces of cheaper fiber for practicing, and something inexpensive, but gorgeous to motivate me to learn. I would use my little home made spindle, so if I never really took to it, the whole failed experiment would only cost me $15-$20.

I’d tried to spin on my little spindle before, but didn’t really get a good rhythm. This time, it took. I worked on it in spurts. I’m comfortable enough with knitting to bring it around with me, but not yet with my spindling. So I really only had those precious few hours I could grab on an occasional slow weekend. Eventually, I made it through all 3ish ounces of the icelandic/lama blend. With a quick tutorial on how to dye with coffee, this is how it turned out.

I’m actually quite thrilled. I was surprised how quickly I finally got it and how normal this yarn really looks! I can’t wait to make some cabley socks with it after my christmas knitting is done.

So now my aspirations have gotten higher. All I can think about is spinning and dying, techniques I want to learn, fibers I want to try, projects I want to knit with handspun yarn. While in Savannah, GA last weekend, I got a chance to stop in at Wild Fibre, a very, very cool LYS that stocked all kinds of fiber. I even got to touch some milk protein fiber. They were selling this gorgeous deliciousness by the bump. I got enough for socks… of course.

I’m sitting here trying to remind myself that I’m knitting on a deadline for christmas… but it’s calling me, oh, how it calls.

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