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Into the Mountains

Tomorrow my husband and I will be taking a fun little trip into the mountains of Tennessee. I’m very excited. I grew up in the northeast, and I’ve seen the green and white mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire at their peak multi-colored leaf seasons, but now I get to see the smokey mountains at their peak. How fun!

The best part? The Smokey Mountain Spinnery. How could the best part of a trip not have to do with fiber? I’m especially excited because there will be spinning wheels there to touch and feel. I’m hoping to have a little money saved in the next few months to buy a wheel, but I don’t know exactly which one I want. Based on my internet research, I’m leaning towards the Ashford traveler as it’s very versatile. I’m hoping they’ll have one there I can try out, which will be a trick since I don’t really know how to spin on a wheel yet.  I’ve gotten the advice from a couple different people to take lessons first then buy the wheel, but I don’t like to spend money and I have a decent track record for teaching myself a lot of things. I taught myself how to spin on a spindle and that turned out to be a rather successful endeavor. I also taught myself almost everything I know about knitting after my grandmother covered the knit and purl stitch with me. So I’m pretty confident I can muddle through figuring out a wheel on my own. But muddling through that in front of people at a store, now that could be a different story.  

We’ll be back on monday with the verdict on these two very important matters…

1) Can I teach myself to spin on a wheel in public without getting self conscious and freaking out?

2) Have I decided which wheel to be shameless about dropping hints to my husband about?

I know… quite a cliff hanger of a blogpost….oh the drama.


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A Knitter’s Milestone

So when you’re learning to knit, and working on smaller projects, there’s this anticipation for the day when you’ll finish your first sweater. But then you make your first sweater, and for whatever reason, you don’t like it. Bad color, bad fit, you name it. So the real knitters milestone is when you make the first sweater that you like.

Meet the Reformation Day sweater. My first sweater that I like. It’s knit from the bottom up, with seamless set in sleeves, and a shawl collar. It’s made out of 100% alpaca, DK weight, which I picked up at the carolina fiber festival from misty mountain farm. Absolutely beautiful to knit with.

It turned out exactly how I wanted. I wanted something that was shaped to be comfortable but still classy. Something I could throw over a basic tee with a pair of jeans on a gloomy day and cuddle up in, but still keep an element of class to my appearance. It’s exactly that. It’s perfect to throw on first thing in the morning before it warms up a bit. Fall mornings can be pretty chilly, even if the highs do go into the 80s.

I’m pleased as punch. 🙂

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Autumn, the time of knitting inspiration

I used to not really like the fall. I lived in an area where it dropped from 90 degrees to below 60 it what seemed like a matter of weeks. I remember the year I “boycotted” November. I just refused to wear a winter coat, I just wasn’t ready for it yet. But it seems like since I really got thoroughly entrenched in my knitting hobby, I haven’t disliked fall nearly so much. It’s time to start knitting for christmas. It’s time to start day-dreaming about the perfect sweater to cuddle up in, or a shawl to throw over the back of your chair for chilly evenings. This year I actually had the presence of mind to start a cuddly alpaca sweater in May. There was no rush, I just poked along on it for a few months and in September, voila! I had a delightful sweater waiting for the first chilly days. It was such an opposite feeling to be anxiously waiting for the first day I could justify wearing a 100% alpaca sweater instead of dreading the days I had to put my brightly colored tees away.

I also feel more inspired to design my own things in the fall. It took an act of faith to start a sweater in May. In the fall, all I can think about is what the next sweater will be that I make. The design of this alpaca sweater is such a huge success that it’s all I can do to keep from designing six more similar to it so i have a slightly different but equally comfortable one to wear every day. I’m thinking a lighter weight one out of superwash instead of alpaca. The alpaca can get a tad warm. And gray. It must be gray i think.

Fall is wonderful. The sun is still beautiful, the air is clear. The brilliantly blue sky is bordered with vibrant reds, yellows, and greens. With the accompanying chilly air, how could a knitter not be inspired to make all the things they need to stay warm while enjoying these days of stunning beauty.

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