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I liked brains when I was a kid

Look at my Brains! Well, that’s what we called them when we were little. I think they’re actually called Celosia, but to me they’ll always be brains.

What makes these brains so cool is how healthy they are! The first time i ever saw one was on the research flower gardens at Penn State University. The things were large, and had a spherical shape. To a kid, it looked like everything I’d ever seen in books about brains.

Ever since then I’ve seen them here and there, but they’re always really little, have terrible root systems and really don’t amount to the big brain shaped plant I remembered when I was a kid. But these are huge and awesome. And it’s only May! In July, I’m hoping for a little walk down memory lane. 🙂


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My Spot

This is my spot.

The other weekend, we completely re-arranged the living room. Our living room is rather awkwardly arranged and I’d been trying to tweak what we had to be more roomy and hospitable. It was to no avail, we needed to make a few purchases to make it work. We moved the couch, got a corner TV stand, and a couple of those nice little gliders.

This was my favorite one. It was a total steal at $100 for the set, normally $450. I love craigslist.

This is now my spot. My knitting basket, my knitting bag, my design spreadsheets on the seat, my stitch markers in the little yellow dish.

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