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When Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times. While I was working, I could think of nothing else but some mythical sweater that I wanted to make. I would sketch schematics, dream up stitch patterns, sometimes even do some swatching…but those ideas rarely materialized. Then when I quit my job, had hours and hours all to myself, all I managed to do was knit maybe three of the ideas that had been brewing in my head while working, and I generated virtually no new ideas. It was really disappointing and demoralizing.

What I find hilarious now is that all I can do is think about starting a new sweater for myself. A beachy cardi, with a lacy, maybe loosely cabled stitch pattern, made out of a lightweight cotton, or even just the right wool. I just spent the last 30 minutes culling my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries to find the perfect motif.

There must be something about not having enough time for knitting that makes you value the time you do get to spend so much more. Quite frankly, though my productivity is down, I’m enjoying my knitting hobby so much more these days.

Pardon me… a little person is about to have a melt down if he doesn’t get his lunch. 🙂


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Inspiration Required

After finishing the Fall/Winter Seasons Shawl a couple weeks ago, I had a bit of a knitting crisis. Ever since I cast on those shawls in July of 2010 and started designing for Elegant Economy in January, my knitting destiny has been planned out for me. I always had an important project on the needles that had to be done ASAP. When that shawl went in the mail. I no idea what to do with myself. I had a couple small projects started, a pair of socks, a baby sweater, some baby legs, but none of them were challenging or felt worth the effort of getting motivated again. They were all darling little projects, and were knitting up quite well, but they just weren’t grabbing me. I tried, I promise, to pick up the socks, but I’m pretty sure the pattern for the gusset was written backwards, and I didn’t have the energy to figure out if the problem was the designer or the knitter. So I spent a day or two moping around looking in vain for a new project. What made it worse was that I knew I would be going to a fiber festival soon, and I didn’t want to overcommit to a large project only to have my energy for it sapped away by some new, pretty, younger yarn. 🙂 Thankfully, the yarn for a second sample of Silverlight came in just in time to keep me from driving my husband crazy. No designing required, I just had to knit lots, and lots of stockinette. Perfect.

I think it all came down to this. I was totally drained of inspiration. Christmas gift knitting was done, the debut release was done. And although I had some ideas bouncing around in my mind. I really didn’t feel inspired to go to town on any of them.

Then… the fiberfest came. And suddenly inspiration abounded. There was something about walking around all the indie dyers, all that beautiful yarn and unspun fiber that just got the blood in my creative veins moving again. And with a haul like this, who wouldn’t be inspired.

So, I feel like my couple week knitting funk has been successfully nipped in the bud. I may even have some finished objects to show off in a few days!

How do you all get out of your knitting funks??

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