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Lots of Pink

Chuck left me on Saturday to hang out with some guys over disc golf. It was a gorgeous day and I was a bit disappointed to not spend the afternoon with him. But around 5 minutes after he left this arrived!

The mail man found me on my porch, with my coffee, with these socks almost finished.

I forced myself to finish them.

And then I wore them… on an 80 degree day. They matched my shirt.

But look what I got! Spring yarn. See all that pretty cotlin? That’s going to be my summer design project. A basic summer top with some lace accents. Look at all that pretty pink.


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Occupying Myself

Hat almost done. My husband had an errand to do so I plan to write up the pattern and make it available as soon as possible. This picture doesn’t capture it, but the curved raised lines are amazingly cute, and the texture and color of the yarn are giving it an adorable bohemian look. Grr… I can’t decide what to name it though. Any suggestions?

The other project I’m using to kill time till my yarn arrives is a simple doll sweater pattern written for kids. I’ll get on my soapbox for a sec. Why the heck aren’t there any good kid’s beginning to knit books? The one I used when I was growing up wasn’t even a kids book… it just had kid friendly illustrations…and even that one is out of print. So I’m trying to put together some patterns that are specifically designed for the new child knitter.

Here’s how I’m coming on the test knitting…

On another random note…. we saw this on our way home today.

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It’s going to be Pink!

Yay! Brit had said she wanted pink… But I didn’t think I had any. Which I immediately reallized, I needed to fix… Me? Not have pink? But I was digging around and found this Classic Elite Desert yarn. A beautiful subtle pink and a great chunky texture. So nice to have a project to take my time before my Knit Picks order arrives. I could work on my socks… But there isn’t anything to conquer. Lots of basic cables, a basic heel, and lots of ribbing. On the other hand they are going fast. I guess you can’t have both. 🙂

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