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Overall…a Success!

I think the diaper cover was a success. Little Elsie looks darling, and I can’t help but think she looks a bit more comfortable than when she’s wearing the PUL covers.

It fits great around the legs, yet doesn’t restrict her leg movement at all.

As I mentioned yesterday, I really prefer fingering and sport weight yarn and their associated gauges on babies. It just looks more in scale with their small bodies.

You can see the shaping I did around the leg. And I got much better at picking up stitches around edges. This “seam” looks really good compared with others I’ve done in the past.

Here’s a picture of Chad wearing the cover yesterday. I actually feel like they’re more comfortable when I prop them up into a sitting position.

Here’s another shot of the leg, but I think it shows off the shaping better.

Overall, I’m declaring the project a success, with two reservations.

1) I hate the color. I used some knit picks palette I got years ago and I still have no idea why I picked out the color. But I didn’t want to waste my cute colors if the project was a failure. To be clear, the yarn worked great, and is at the perfect price point at $3.39/50g, but the color was just not my favorite.

2) The fabric is just not quite thick enough. Chad wore the diaper for about 2 hours, and even though he had wet the prefold under the cover, the cover was dry. Then at about 3 hours, it started to seep everywhere, it was actually kinda gross. So I think thicker fabric is in order.

However as I discussed earlier, I really like the scale of this fabric, so I’d rather not go up to a DK or worsted yarn. So I’m thinking I might play around with double knitting and see how that works. I’ve wanted to learn this technique for quite a while. I understand how it works conceptually but I’ve never actually tried it, as far as I can remember. After a bit of internet research I found some helpful resources to get me started:

Stitch Diva’s Double Knitting Tutorial

WIP Insanity’s Ribbing in Double Knitting Tutorial

Twist Collective Article “Introduction to Double Knitting: The four winds hat” by Alasdair Post-Quinn

We’ll see how this goes, but for now, enough blogging, time for some lunch, a quick tidy up, and some knitting.



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Some Eco-friendly DIY Knitting

Wool is awesome.

Well, yes, we all knew that or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Knitters love wool. We go to stores just to pet it. We spend hours relaxing to it’s wonderful squishiness. And yet so often we find ourselves defending our wool fetish. Until now.

I’ve started to explore wool diaper covers. And in the cloth diapering, hippy, all-natural world I find myself in way too often, wool is the coveted cloth diapering solution. Wool is an awesome all-natural waterproofing material, and it’s actually way cooler for babies than the synthetic stuff that the normal diaper covers are made out of, making them great for summer. (If your interested to see how it actually works, take a look at this article). After seeing the adorable wool covers commercially available, the i-could-make-that-for a tenth-of-the-cost bug bit pretty hard. Seriously, they charge like $40 for something that costs me about $4 and a few hours to make. They were so cute and they looked like such fun, instant gratification, save money while being eco-friendly knitting, that i just couldn’t resist the challenge.

I  started trolling ravelry for a pattern but none of them were quite what I was looking for. Most of the patterns out there were more just cute little rompers to throw over a disposable diaper. Cute, but didn’t strike me as being totally functional for my cloth diapering needs. The ones that did seem designed for cloth diaper use seemed super functional almost all called for worsted yarn. Not a huge problem, but aesthetically speaking, I feel like fingering or sport weight yarn and their related gauges are just more in-scale with a baby’s size. So I think that narrowed it down to one pattern, but it was knit flat, and I really, really prefer my projects in the round if at all possible. So I pulled out my sketchbook and calculator.

It turned out to be just enough math to provide a delightful little bit of intellectual stimulation, and enough ribbing and stockinette to give me some “zen” knitting when I had 15 minutes of quiet and really needed to unwind a bit. I also feel like I beefed up my technique toolbox a bit while working on this. The legs required a bind off after about an inch of ribbing. Since I knit my socks top down instead of toe up, I’ve never really had to perfect my ribbed bind-off. So I poked around the internet and found Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-off on Knitty. I’m in love, this is a technique I wish I had known years ago!

Since this photo, I finished the other leg. In spite of a bit of a bad mood, I immediately tried it on Chad and it fit really well! Time to go get him up from his nap and see if he’s actually dry! FO pics tomorrow. 🙂

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