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Crafty Showcase: Day 1

I know this is usually a knitting blog, but I actually do sew and quilt occasionally. Actually, once upon a time, when I was in high school, before the massive knitting revolution we’re enjoying, I used to quilt like a fiend. As we know, things have changed.

At one point during that quilting era, I got a delightful gift from my Aunt who herself was a phenomenal quilter. I was given a mystery quilt pattern and money to buy the fabric I wanted to make the pattern. I decided that since I had no home of my own and color scheme to be loyal to, that I would pick the craziest, cheeriest fabric I could find. Like many of my projects, I got a little ways and forgot about it, I revisited it in college and managed to finish the top. Then I decided the rest should be finished when I was married and a baby was on the way. The colors were so perfect for a little baby quilt. So it got set aside with all of it’s bits of scrap fabric and moved from home to home until 8 months ago when I discovered that I was blessed with not one, but two little ones.

So what was once just a highschool project has now become the centerpiece of my first baby nursery.

I have a friend of mine who owns a long-arm quilting business do the quilting. I think it turned out fabulous!

If any of you are quilters, I highly recommend her work. You can check out her work at



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Crafty Baby Prep

So, I’ve really missed the blog for the last month or so. I promise I didn’t forget about you! There were a zillion little bloggable moments and projects, but I just couldn’t seem to find the time to get them put together coherently into a post. The last month has been a whirlwind of baby prep. I’ve had two showers thrown by some of my dearest friends and my husband’s super sweet co-workers, I’ve finished some sewing projects, both utilitarian and cute, I’ve organized the heck out of the babies’ room and pretty much every other corner of the house, AND I’ve finished all my baby knitting. 🙂

After getting the babies room all put together, I’m amazed by all the crafty women in my life and the amount of handmade love that has been showered on these precious little ones, and they haven’t even been born yet!

I finally finished the nursery. The custom decals are up, the curtains made, the furniture arranged. I’ve put away all the baby gifts and found spots for baby clothes, swaddle blankets, socks, burp cloths and diapers. I think it all turned out rather nicely….don’t you?

There are a zillion more bloggable details, which I plan on using for fodder for my next couple posts. I’m now 36 weeks, soon to be 37, and I’m starting to look for things to keep me occupied till my babies make their entrance. It’s so wierd, 10 weeks ago, I thought making it to 32-34 weeks would be a complete miracle, and now here we are coming up on 37 weeks and we’re still waiting. I must say, I am very thankful for such a healthy pregnancy considering that I’m higher risk for pretty much every complication you can imagine. I’m thankful these babies are comfortable “cooking” as long as they need to. But still, I’m tired of lugging the extra 50 lbs of baby weight I’ve gained, I’m sick of it being annoying to do dishes because I can’t reach the sink, I’m sick of the swollen achey feet, but mostly, I just can’t wait to meet these darling babies I’ve been carrying since August.

I guess I’ll just keep busy crafting and nesting till they decide they’re ready to come.


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