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A Belated Random Monday

Sorry things have been so quiet on the blog front. But believe me there are some exciting things in store! The beginning of April is right around the corner. I’m having a blast getting the last details in order for the very first Elegant Economy pattern release.
1. The first drafts of all patterns are finished and with the tech editor.
2. I’m still finishing one of the samples…maybe it’ll be done this week??
3. I’m loving the 80 degree weather.
4. My garden is loving the 80 degree weather. All my little seedlings are going to town.
5. Potatoes are one of the coolest things to grow.
6. Allergies are annoying, especially when they present themselves in unusual ways.

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Random Monday

It’s become a bit of a trend in the knitting blogosphere to make Monday a bit of randomness. It’s hightime I jump on the band wagon.

1. The Faithful Follower Giveaway deadline for commenting has been moved to March 21.

2. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m going to be releasing my patterns a bit closer to mid-April than early April. So it’s only fair, if I get an extra week on my deadline, so should you.

3. I took a break and started a pair of socks. It was high time I reminded myself that I actually like knitting, it’s not all about deadlines. Using the Java pattern from Knitty with Melody Superwash from Jojoland.

4. I’ve decided I’m in love with Melody.

5. I got some yummy, yummy yarn in the mail last week, courtesy of Tina’s giveaway at Peacefully Knitting.

6. I’m saving this yummy yarn from ¬†At Knit’s End and the accompanying Truckle pattern as a little happy knitting reward when my spring collection is released.

7. Scrubbing Bubbles is an awesome product. I cleaned my entire shower for the sheer pleasure of watching soap scum wipe off my shower with next to no elbow grease.

8. That pleasure may have been due to fumes. Either way, I was a happy woman.

9. North Carolina springs are spastic. 70 degrees one day, 50s the next. It’s wonderful.

10. All my early vegetables are planted. Onions, Potatoes, Green Onions, Turnips, Peas, Spinach.

11. I have about 60 tomato seeds starting their year of life on my kitchen table.

Happy Spring everyone!

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