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A New Watering Hole

I’m thrilled to announce the newly formed Elegant Economy Group on Ravelry.

New Rav Group


With over 500 members, this group  provides a unique opportunity to connect with other knitters, chat about life, dialog about our latest knitting triumphs and struggles. This is also a fabulous way to interact with me if you’re hitting issues with an Elegant Economy pattern. I monitor the group closely,and really want to know if you are struggling.

Thank you to those who have already joined! I have already been so helped by all the members comments about current and future patterns.

Don’t forget that I’m active on other corners of the internet. I’m on facebook and twitter, where I post regularly, and I’m also on pinterest. Join me wherever you hang out most!

Happy Monday!


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Hot on Ravelry!

Pretty Fun!


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A Well Loved Hat

One of the things I gave my husband for Christmas was a hat. A simple and plain hat, but it was a special hat. In December he hinted at asking me for a hat because his ears were freezing when he went on his daily walk at work. Chuck is so delightfully supportive of my knitting, yet never ever asks me to make anything for him that the fact that his cold ears had driven him even hint made me dig up a pattern and cast on almost immediately.

I’ve knit a lot of things in the last few years, lots of them being gifts. I don’t think any of them have been as gratifying as this one though. Every time we walk out of the house, Chuck grabs his hat out of his pocket and puts it on. I don’t think anything I’ve made has gotten so much love, at least that I’ve witnessed.

I finally remembered to take a picture this weekend. Isn’t he sweet to pose for me?

Pattern: Lorne’s Hat by the Yarn Harlot. Yarn: Liberty Wool by Classic Elite (I told you it was my new favorite). Raveled here.

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A Finished Gift

Remember this? From July when I got my new skein winder and cheapo home depot yarn swift?

I got a guilt trip from Janet when she visited last week about not having finished here Christmas present. I pulled it out and realized I had seriously 13 rows left. So I picked it up during the evenings while watching movies with my sisters. After a couple months… It’s finished!

Isn’t it adorable? I’m determined to make shawls cool again. It’s an utterly practical accessory, and I mean really, look at this chic! She rocks the thing! I love the mental image of her cuddled in her room (which is decorated in similar colors), reading a good book with this delightful shawl thrown over her shoulders is very rewarding. Even though these aren’t really my colors, (I LOVE neutrals) I’m so tempted to make myself a shawl. Focus Maria! There’s a release schedule to keep!

Raveled here.

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It’s that time…

…when I start sketching out mittens and hats.

So it’s not even that cold yet and I’m already dreaming about my winter ensemble. I pulled out my winter coat the other night. It had a large stain on it from last year that I wanted to make sure was cleaned by the time the cold really hit. Then out came the winter hat and cowl from last year. So now I’m on this business trip that’s not exactly exciting, and all I can think about is knitting some hats and mittens out of a 50/50 silk/merino blend I picked up on vacation.  It’s a beautiful blue that just begs for a bit of color work. So I’ll need to pick up some white or creamy gloss from knitpicks.

I wasn’t going to design them myself since so many other designers before me have already designed some beautiful folk mittens. But I couldn’t find what I wanted for a worsted weight yarn anywhere on ravelry, so I started sketching. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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Cranford Cardi Notes – Now Available Through Ravelry

For more detailed pictures and notes of the Cranford Cardi visit my Ravelry project page. Ravelry has just enabled public sharing of project pages. Very slick, allows you to immediately share over twitter or facebook. However, I would love it if they created a button for it, like they do for the designers projects. If you look at some of the designers blogs, they have these adorable little ravelry buttons that show how many projects are completed or in progress using their pattern. I’d love such a cute button for a single project that I could put in a blog post… like this.

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