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Elegant Economy Spring 2011 Runway: Day 4

Hello my fine readers. Today I bring you the final installment of the Elegant Economy Spring 2011 Knitwear Collection.

I proudly introduce Silverlight.

It’s all about the ruffles in this tank. Spring is my favorite time to shop. The fashion of this season is always so pretty and feminine. This tank with its dramatic and frilly collar will look delightful paired with tailored capris or a wispy skirt.

I loved knitting this tank. Even though it’s a pretty small guage, all that stockinette punctuated with occasional increases and decreases for the waist and bust shaping make it a really relaxing garment to knit.

As you can tell, Knit Picks are among my favorite yarn brands. This design is no exception. The sample was knit out of Knit Picks Comfy Sport, and depending on your size only requires 5-9 balls, making it a very reasonably priced project.

Gauge – 23sts x 8 rows/4 inches

Sizes – (x-small, small)( medium, large, x-large)

Finished Garment Size at Bust – (29.25, 33) (36.75, 41.5, 45.25) inches. This top is designed to have negative one to zero inches of ease.  It is worth noting that cotton does not have the memory that wool does and after one or two uses of the garment, the fabric will stretch. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a size.

Required Materials –

  • Knit Picks Comfy Sport – (5, 6,)(7, 8, 9) balls or (625, 750) (875, 1000, 1150) yards. (136 yd/124m to 50g/1.76oz. 75% cotton, 25% acrylic. Colorway: Whisker)
  • #3 or 3.25mm, 29” circular needle.
  • #3 or 3.25mm DPNs (you can use the 29” circular needle and use the magic loop method if you prefer).
  • 5 stitch holders or waste yarn.
  • 6 stitch markers.


Well, that brings the Spring 2011 Collection to a close. Stay tuned for the faithful follower giveaway winner announcement, as well as some other surprises.


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A Garden Detour

I’m going to lead off today with an apology to any of my northeastern family who follows my blog. The hints of spring are everywhere here in the sunny south, we’re starting to get warm days again and the garden planning is in full force. So, my snowbound new-englanders, I’m about to make you very, very jealous. 🙂 I’m very sorry.

To my knitting friends, yes, I’m still knitting and I’m still designing. I worked my little fingers to the bone on Monday, while listening to about 7 hours of Bleak House by Dickens, trying to finish a sample that would not cooperate, and still isn’t. I’m also discovering the hard reality that it’s tough to design and blog at the same time.

Disclaimers, excuses, and apologies aside, It’s Spring! Chuck and I are in full swing on our garden. It was so fun to reallize this is our third year of spending our spring working along side each other in our garden. And every year is so much better than the last.

We have very lofty plans this year. We’re taking advantage of my staying at home to expand our goals and expectations for the garden. Our goal is to make this garden actually have a significant impact on our food bill over the winter. So we’re focusing very heavily on potatoes, tomatoes and onions, since we seem to go through lots of those. But my dear southern husband loves his greens, so we must have spinach and yes, we’re growing turnips. Other than adding a few containers, we’re keeping the garden proper the same size, however since we’re switching to the Square Foot Gardening method, I feel like our garden has quadrupaled in size. I won’t lie, it’s a bit overwhelming.

To combat this feeling, I’m focusing on the early cold-weather crops exclusively for the moment, specifically the onions and potatoes. I’m still looking around for a variety of onion sets that stores well and is reasonably priced, as the section we’ve set aside for the onions is quite large and I’ll be needing a lot of them. But I have my potatoes all figured out. I’m going to grow mine in containers. I found this article that covered the basics without being too detailed. I looked around for some bushel baskets as that’s what the article recommends, but I didn’t come up with anything and I needed them fairly quickly. Enter Wal-Mart. While we were there last night looking at their seeds and potato and onion sets, I looked at their gardening containers, at their storage containers and nothing was the right size or shape. I turned the corner and I found these perfect 2 bushel sized laundry baskets in bright, cheerful colors. I had kinda avoided the laundry basket idea, thinking it was a little more red-necked than I cared to go. But these were perfect. And only $5 a piece. So for a total of $26 we got potato sets and containers and are well on our way to harvesting at least 2 bushels of potatoes for the winter. Best part is, we won’t have to buy any of that again. You can save potatoes and use them for seed next year, and of course the laundry baskets can be reused.


I’m really excited about turning our garden into more than a hobby, because let’s face it, that’s an expensive hobby, even if it is wholesome and good for my character. I’m hoping for homemade, homegrown pasta sauce, and french fries all winter long.

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Paper to Yarn

So, some black Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks is on it’s way. My warm and cuddly cardi will be on my needles in a week or two. Yay! If my yarn estimates are correct, I’ll be out $14 for a 100% wool sweater. Who says making it yourself isn’t cheaper?

In other news, I’ve made the leap from concept to design process for a new sweater. It’s really amazing how few ideas make it from paper to yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever sketched out a garment I didn’t have full intention of making. But then it gets tweaked once or twice and then I revisit it again, and then suddenly a whole new idea hits me and I’m off on a new concept. Then one day, the planets align, a sketch is scribbled down and within a week or two I’m well into a new sweater or tank top. The funny part is I really don’t know what makes the planets align so to speak. I just keep sketching ideas as they hit me, and when it’s time to select a new project, either for a full-scale pattern, or just for my own wardrobe enhancement, I’ll either select an evolving concept that’s stuck with me, or just start from a clean sheet of paper. I do know that yarn plays a significant role in the process of sketch to project. Many times I’ll run into a yarn I love while thinking through a new concept and the combination works magic in my mind.

That’s what happened with this concept. I actually tried it once with Suri Dream, which is a beautiful yarn, but so very, very wrong for this garment. I tore if off the needles, and forgot about it. Then I met Berroco Remix. I unboxed the idea and jotted it down, this time it had evolved a bit.

It stuck. Not only did I have a sketch, I was scribbling basic instructions on both sides of the paper. I had been rolling around this general idea for months. I wanted a sweater that would serve as a lightweight extra layer, that would look great layered over longsleeve shirts, but also look cute into the spring. Several design concepts have come and gone, but they all were intended to serve this same purpose. Here’s where we are now!

Isn’t that yarn great!? It’s 100% recycled and machine washable. I’m hoping to include this in my spring collection, which I’m currently targeting for release at the beginning of April. Stay tuned for updates!

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Lots of Pink

Chuck left me on Saturday to hang out with some guys over disc golf. It was a gorgeous day and I was a bit disappointed to not spend the afternoon with him. But around 5 minutes after he left this arrived!

The mail man found me on my porch, with my coffee, with these socks almost finished.

I forced myself to finish them.

And then I wore them… on an 80 degree day. They matched my shirt.

But look what I got! Spring yarn. See all that pretty cotlin? That’s going to be my summer design project. A basic summer top with some lace accents. Look at all that pretty pink.

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Progress on Cranford Cardi

Voila! My warm winter cardigan is here just in time for the warm spring weather. Oh well, at least it’s a springy color and will keep me warm in my over-air-conditioned office. But seriously, isn’t it turning out beautifully? The purple is just breathtaking in my mind. A light fresh color with a rich tone.

And the stitch definition is wonderful.

And it looks wonderful with my cute little yellow daffodils. 🙂

Almost there… maybe it’ll be done in a week or two… maybe?

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Chuck’s Favorite Flowers… to kill… (insert dramatic music)

One single time that Chuck liked the dandilion in our yard. He still killed it.

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Our Anniversary Weekend

When I was a little girl and dreamed of my wedding someday, I thought my parents were very weird to pick March for their wedding. There’s nothing romantic about March. Then I met Chuck. Then I dated Chuck. Then I wanted to marry Chuck so badly, the date didn’t matter. How long could we plan a wedding in? Three months. That put us in March. And God in his delightful sense of humor and sentimentality landed March 7th, my parents anniversary, on a Saturday in 2009. So, as is often the case, you grow up, and come to find out your parents were pretty smart after all.

But in spite of getting married in such an unromantic month, on March 7th of 2009, when it should’ve been 40 degrees, and bride and bridesmaids should be shivering, it was 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky. It might as well have been June.

Wasn’t it a gorgeous day?

It wasn’t quite that warm this year. But it was still 60 out, and brought back very fond memories of that very precious day. Here’s some of the beautiful hints of spring we saw this weekend….

Building the strawberry patch, with the new circular saw I bought him for our anniversary.

He wants corn in our garden so bad. There’s no homeowner’s association in our neighborhood yet, but there probably will be one by the time we ever move out to prevent our kind from ever moving in again.

Starting Seeds

Healthy roses… I love my roses…*sigh*

Look at them come up!

Trees budding in the front yard

Cute flowers that will be soon meet their demise by either round-up or mower. But for now, they’re keeping our spirits high in anticipation of the beautiful weather.

more pretty weeds 🙂

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