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Paper to Yarn

So, some black Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks is on it’s way. My warm and cuddly cardi will be on my needles in a week or two. Yay! If my yarn estimates are correct, I’ll be out $14 for a 100% wool sweater. Who says making it yourself isn’t cheaper?

In other news, I’ve made the leap from concept to design process for a new sweater. It’s really amazing how few ideas make it from paper to yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever sketched out a garment I didn’t have full intention of making. But then it gets tweaked once or twice and then I revisit it again, and then suddenly a whole new idea hits me and I’m off on a new concept. Then one day, the planets align, a sketch is scribbled down and within a week or two I’m well into a new sweater or tank top. The funny part is I really don’t know what makes the planets align so to speak. I just keep sketching ideas as they hit me, and when it’s time to select a new project, either for a full-scale pattern, or just for my own wardrobe enhancement, I’ll either select an evolving concept that’s stuck with me, or just start from a clean sheet of paper. I do know that yarn plays a significant role in the process of sketch to project. Many times I’ll run into a yarn I love while thinking through a new concept and the combination works magic in my mind.

That’s what happened with this concept. I actually tried it once with Suri Dream, which is a beautiful yarn, but so very, very wrong for this garment. I tore if off the needles, and forgot about it. Then I met Berroco Remix. I unboxed the idea and jotted it down, this time it had evolved a bit.

It stuck. Not only did I have a sketch, I was scribbling basic instructions on both sides of the paper. I had been rolling around this general idea for months. I wanted a sweater that would serve as a lightweight extra layer, that would look great layered over longsleeve shirts, but also look cute into the spring. Several design concepts have come and gone, but they all were intended to serve this same purpose. Here’s where we are now!

Isn’t that yarn great!? It’s 100% recycled and machine washable. I’m hoping to include this in my spring collection, which I’m currently targeting for release at the beginning of April. Stay tuned for updates!


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Quick Knits? Meh…

I think I’m learning something new about my knitting style. So I’m working on this super quick-to-knit shrug out of suri dream, and I’m starting to reallize that I actually don’t like super quick knits. Wierd, I know. I mean, aren’t one skien wonders the holy grail of knitting? But none the less, it’s true. The irony is that the reason I don’t like them is because they don’t get done.

Want me to expound? My pleasure.

 It seems that my short attention span doesn’t really like to be pampered, especially by knitting. Knitting (and coffee, but that’s a different post) calms me down, focuses me, gives the hundreds of thoughts running around my mind a common direction. I think when I’m working on quick knits I have this wierd assumption that they’ll be done instantaneously, that they require no work whatsoever. So I’m quick to cast on for these little beauties… but then because I think the thing will fly off my needles after the first 5 stitches, I don’t settle my brain into the work the way I do when I commit to a long term relationship with a sweater. So as a result my brain is just as crazy, I don’t enjoy working on it, put it down, don’t finish it and after a few rounds of this, I feel guilty because I have all these dumb little projects that aren’t done.

So I think the shrug discussed yesterday is falling into this category. I love the yarn, I love the fabric that’s being produced. However, because it’s a “quick knit”, I’m not giving it the design or knitting attention it deserves. I’m not ripping when I see mistakes, I’m not calculating ease and guage as rigorously, and as a result I have a shrug that isn’t done yet and doesn’t fit quite as well as I would like. What makes this sweater even less likely to be done is that I don’t even have enough yarn for it. To finish I’d have to order more, and with all the Christmas knitting upon me, I really can’t justify buying yarn at the moment.

So long story short, I think this little idea will have to go into the pile of concepts to be fleshed out at the proper level of detail at a later date. This time at the right guage, with the right level of commitment that I think a garment like this really deserves. I mean, I really want a cute little shrug. I wouldn’t have started it if I didn’t want it.

Question of the day… knowing that the likilhood of finishing is quite low, do I frog it? Or do I hope to come back to it? What would you do?

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Freezing your Buns off is the Mother of Knitwear Design

Its officially fall. Oh, I know I was going on and on about how beautifiul fall is the other day, and it is. You’d think that a blog post waxing poetical would sorta mean that it’s officially fall. However, we’d missed the inagural event. I hadn’t yet had my annual freeze my buns of session because I under dressed because I hadn’t taken fall and it’s low temperatures seriously yet. That happend this weekend. My dear friend got married this past weekend.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, and I was so excited for her. She’s waited a good long time for this day, and I was so delighted to witness the event. BUT…the tempurature was way lower than I expected. I wore pantyhose, one of my warmer but still short sleeved dress, and had a cute black wrap. Totally didn’t cut it. By the time the ceremony was over Chuck was taking off his coat and draping it around me shoulders. By the end of the evening, I was so cold I was getting a bit dizzy and nautious. Wierdest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Side note: Can I just say I love being married. Instead of panicing and wondering what was going on and continuing to marinate in the cold and just get sicker. My wonderful husband carefully guided me straight into the house, found the shuttle back to our car and got me warm as quickly as humanly possible. Once I was warm I was so much better. Like I said, wierd.

One of my friends there, who also happened to be a bridesmaid, was much more prepared for the evening. She had the most beautiful hand-knit mohair stole that matched her dress perfectly. I was inspired. I’m a knitter, and I don’t have a single elegant artical of clothing for just such a time. What’s wrong with this picture? This must be fixed.

So yesterday was spent with some blueberry suri dream prototyping a shrug. I only had the blue on hand, but if it works as I am hoping, I’ll be making another in black to go with my more formal dresses. I’ve never actually knit with that yarn. I’ve had a ball on hand to play with for a while, but not really done anything with it. I feel like I’m knitting a cloud, it’s just so unbelievably soft. The best part about it is that I think I can make about 50% – 70% of the shrug with just one ball. That means that I can get a whole gorgeous alpaca/wool shrug for under $12!

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Brittany’s Hat

I put in a order to Knit Picks on monday… but the order satus still says “In Process”! I have 15 balls of Wool of the Andes coming for a new project! It’s a brand new design that I’m actually very excited about. But no more for now… this one must be a surprise!

In that order I also have a ball of Andean Treausre and Suri Dream. I’ve never played with them… and in order to get the free shipping, I threw a ball of each in so I could play with them and see if I wanted to use them for a future design.

I do have a small design project I can talk about. My sister-in-law wants a hat after trying one of mine on. I mentioned I have some yarn coming in the mail, and she chose the blueberry Suri Dream. I was going to try to find a pattern, but I love design work, and I’d really like it to be something personalized just for her. It’s to be a slouchy hat…as much slouch as one ball of yarn can get me. I really like the idea of some swirly lines going to the top of the hat, and some garter rows. Some detail… but it’s Suri, so it can’t be too complicated… it’ll get lost. Ohh…. this is a gorgeous idea… Now for the patience to wait for my order to arrive.

I’ll post a picture and pattern when it’s completed.

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