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A “Go To” Yarn Roundup

So I guess I sorta left the topic hanging yesterday. I gave all these criteria for my favorite yarns, now lets discuss what those favorites are!

Classic Elite Liberty Wool – $7.50/50g – 100% Superwash Merino Wool – Worsted

Ever since I first used this yarn about a year and a half ago this has been my favorite yarn to work with for any project requiring a smooth worsted wool. It has phenomenal stitch definition, is wonderfully soft, and has great memory. It was originally released in a pretty broad spectrum of colors, but it wasn’t until this year that they added some beautiful neutrals, thus solidifying it as my top favorite yarn.

Knit Picks Swish – $4.69/50g – 100% Superwash Wool – Worsted

Swish comes in at a close second. It has all the same features as Liberty Wool, but doesn’t seem to have quite the same quality. Which, as you can see, is reflected in the price. However, since it is cheaper, I do frequently consider it if I’m working with a smaller budget than usual.

Knit Picks Stroll – $4.69/50g – 25% Nylon, 75% Superwash Wool – Fingering

I haven’t found even a close competitor for this yarn. While there are other yarns that give stroll a run for its money either in the quality or luxurious feel of the yarn, none of them come close to the price. Every other sock yarn I’ve been tempted by is at least twice the price, and I really have a hard time spending $25 for a pair of socks on a regular basis. It does seem like there’s room in the market for a medium priced sock yarn. Knit picks will set you back around $10/100g, while every other brand costs $20-$25. I’d love to find some reasonably high quality sock yarn for around $15. If you know of any I missed, please let me know!

Knit Picks Gloss – $5.99/50g – 70% Wool, 30% Silk – Fingering

I love, love this yarn with no complaints. well, maybe one. It really should be made available in the stroll tonal colorways.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes – $2.69/50g – 100% Peruvian Wool – Worsted

My favorite for any felting project. I haven’t tried Cascade 220 yet, so I can’t offer a good comparison. Anyone want to jump in on this one?

Berroco Lustra – $12/100g – 50% Wool, 50% Tencel – Single Ply – Worsted

This one is a bit different, but a lot of fun to work with. It has great stitch definition and the Tencel gives it a wonderful sheen.

Spud and Chloe Sweater – $15/100g – 50% Cotton, 50% Wool – Worsted

I like this one for baby knits that are intended to be a bit more heirloom quality. it’s incredibly soft, spun to be a bit hardwearing, and is thoroughly washable.

Berroco Remix – $10/100g – 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 10% Silk, 9% Linen – Worsted

I was really surprised that I liked this one as much as I did. But I’ve now used it in three projects, and I always love the result!

I got a comment yesterday, but I’d love some other folks to jump in too. What are you favorite yarns? Why?


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Finished Object: Some super quick socks!

So, the other night, I decided I didn’t have nearly enough hand knit socks. But, with all the baby knits and other WIPs, I was just not up to the 8-10sts/in gauge, so I threw these on the needles and was completely done in just 2 days! I’m thrilled with how they turned out!

This was an original design, made out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. It’s a bit scratchy for my taste, but since the yarn was leftover from another project, it made the whole affair supper cheap. I used the new increase I “discovered” in my last post. I really like the effect. I think I’m smitten with worsted weight socks in a 5 sts/in gauge, and my brain is exploding with other 2-day-sock ideas. There is just something magical about sitting down to watch TV and in two episodes, you’ve made it through the leg and part of the heel. I also just got some super cute mary janes from Crocs, that will show of handknit socks very well. It’s time to do some stocking up!

Pattern to follow in a week or so!



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Elegant Economy Spring 2011 Runway: Day 3

Happy Hump Day!

May I proudly announce Nouveaux?

A stunning and unique accessory made with that leftover lace weight you can’t figure out what to do with. Pair it with a chiffon scarf belt still hanging in your closet from 2007 or an elegant satin ribbon. This bit of ruffled lace can be worn with a sassy dress, or add some feminine flare to your typical tee and jeans.

Knit up in Knit Picks Shadow, the yarn for this project is not a hefty investment. You can make 4+ necklaces from one skein of each color, making this a great gift knit. It is also a wonderful project for those few extra yards left over from that lace shawl you just finished. The additional materials are also fairly inexpensive. The chiffon scarf can be obtained quite easily with a bit of thrifting, and satin ribbon can be purchased by the spool. The rings pictured in the photo above cost $5 at my local bead store. In total you can make this necklace for about $6-12, depending on your choice of materials.

Required Materials

  • 1 skein each of Knit Picks Shadow in basalt (MC) and foxtrot (SC) heather. Actual yardage used is 160 yds. of basalt and 30 yds. of foxtrot. (440 yds/402m to 50g/1.76 oz. 100% Merino wool.)
  • Set of #4 US or 3.5mm DPNs
  • 6 rings. Be creative. Use anything you find at your local craft or bead store. The inside needs to be about 0.75 to 1 inch in diameter. Closed jump rings of the correct diameter will work just fine.
  • Chiffon scarf about 3-5” wide by at least a yard long, or a yard of wide ribbon with some good drape.


Till tomorrow!

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Paper to Yarn

So, some black Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks is on it’s way. My warm and cuddly cardi will be on my needles in a week or two. Yay! If my yarn estimates are correct, I’ll be out $14 for a 100% wool sweater. Who says making it yourself isn’t cheaper?

In other news, I’ve made the leap from concept to design process for a new sweater. It’s really amazing how few ideas make it from paper to yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever sketched out a garment I didn’t have full intention of making. But then it gets tweaked once or twice and then I revisit it again, and then suddenly a whole new idea hits me and I’m off on a new concept. Then one day, the planets align, a sketch is scribbled down and within a week or two I’m well into a new sweater or tank top. The funny part is I really don’t know what makes the planets align so to speak. I just keep sketching ideas as they hit me, and when it’s time to select a new project, either for a full-scale pattern, or just for my own wardrobe enhancement, I’ll either select an evolving concept that’s stuck with me, or just start from a clean sheet of paper. I do know that yarn plays a significant role in the process of sketch to project. Many times I’ll run into a yarn I love while thinking through a new concept and the combination works magic in my mind.

That’s what happened with this concept. I actually tried it once with Suri Dream, which is a beautiful yarn, but so very, very wrong for this garment. I tore if off the needles, and forgot about it. Then I met Berroco Remix. I unboxed the idea and jotted it down, this time it had evolved a bit.

It stuck. Not only did I have a sketch, I was scribbling basic instructions on both sides of the paper. I had been rolling around this general idea for months. I wanted a sweater that would serve as a lightweight extra layer, that would look great layered over longsleeve shirts, but also look cute into the spring. Several design concepts have come and gone, but they all were intended to serve this same purpose. Here’s where we are now!

Isn’t that yarn great!? It’s 100% recycled and machine washable. I’m hoping to include this in my spring collection, which I’m currently targeting for release at the beginning of April. Stay tuned for updates!

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My Muse

My corner of NC is blanketed in ice today. All appointments got cancelled, and I’m curled up on the couch, trying to be warm and a bit productive. It’s amazing what a frigid day does for design inspiration. I have three or four designs in the works, but they’re for spring, with high cotton content.

Tank top??? The concept that I would ever want to expose any skin aside from my face and hands is the height of foolishness in my mind at the moment.

All I can think about right now is bulky 100% wool, made into a very loose fitting cuddly cardigan that buttons right around my neck.

Ahhhh…. that’s much better. I’m off to shop for some chunky wool yarn. To heck with design and knitting schedules!

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The first of many french press slipper projects

Look what I made last week! Aren’t they adorable? I finally got the ginormous needles I needed to make the French Press slippers as a gift, and I LOVE them. If I hadn’t had to make them in a larger size for my friend, I would have kept them. It was also the first time I did any felting, and I may be hooked. We’ll see what other felting projects catch my fancy. I have my eye on an entrelac purse pattern….

This really is an amazing little pattern by Melynda Bernardi of French Press Knits. Thanks Melynda!

April 7, 2010 at 5:59 am 2 comments

Progress on Cranford Cardi

Voila! My warm winter cardigan is here just in time for the warm spring weather. Oh well, at least it’s a springy color and will keep me warm in my over-air-conditioned office. But seriously, isn’t it turning out beautifully? The purple is just breathtaking in my mind. A light fresh color with a rich tone.

And the stitch definition is wonderful.

And it looks wonderful with my cute little yellow daffodils. 🙂

Almost there… maybe it’ll be done in a week or two… maybe?

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