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Elegant Economy Knitwear Designs… Has moved!

This is a very fun month for me. This month is a culmination of almost a year of intense thinking, planning, scheming, re-thinking, strategizing, experimenting, more planning, recruiting, and occasionally some knitting. 🙂

This very exciting month begins with this announcement….

It’s happened. Elegant Economy Knitwear Designs has a brand new home!

We’re leaving the nest to spread our own wings over at A change that is long overdue.

The new website brings an entirely new brand with it. You probably won’t recognize anything except the name. You’ll notice a brilliant, minimalistic, portfolio style site, with a dramatic but understated logo, allowing you to be inspired by images of the thing that makes all our hearts race, knitting.

This brand will make its way to all of the previously published patterns over the next week. So if you’ve purchased anything from me on Ravelry, you’ll notice an update shortly. I hoping the new layout will make for a much more pleasant and seamless knitting experience.

And there is more…


What are you waiting for?

Head over to and follow us on your favorite blog reader, facebook, or twitter to make sure you don’t miss a single thing! And believe me, you really don’t want to miss anything going on this month. 🙂

Also, this will be the last post on, so if you already follow me, this site will become awfully quiet and eventually go away. So again, head over to the new site and make sure you follow me there!

Happy Knitting!


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Comfort Knitting

Last weekend was pretty epic. We got to host a BBQ for 150 people. It was a blast. I even got the house cleaned by Sunday morning. I was on a pretty serious high. I tried to come off of it strong too. I got up at 5:30 on Monday morning and spent some quality time with my planner, trying to get a picture of what all needs to happen before this baby comes in December. But I crashed. Hard.

Thankfully, I had a pretty good idea this might happen. And I planned for it. I finally decided I wanted to make a blanket for our little one, and big surprise, it would have lots of moss stitch. I’ve been addicted recently. So I ordered a whole bunch of Deluxe Worsted Superwash by Universal Yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool. So on Sunday, when the dishes were clean, and Chuck put on Blue Planet, I pulled it out and cast on.

Pattern: Some mitering wonderfulness from my head
Yarn: Deluxe Worsted Superwash by Universal Yarn, Steel Cut Oats colorway
Needles: Size 7 (4.5mm), Knit Picks Zephyr Acrylics (discontinued, I believe)

I had planned it to be some good comfort knitting, and it has not disappointed. The perfectly predictable incremental decreases combined with the almost, but a bit more interesting, vanilla feel of the moss stitch has made for the most perfect comfort knitting.

What kind of knitting do you use to unwind??

September 13, 2013 at 2:36 pm 2 comments

A New Watering Hole

I’m thrilled to announce the newly formed Elegant Economy Group on Ravelry.

New Rav Group


With over 500 members, this group  provides a unique opportunity to connect with other knitters, chat about life, dialog about our latest knitting triumphs and struggles. This is also a fabulous way to interact with me if you’re hitting issues with an Elegant Economy pattern. I monitor the group closely,and really want to know if you are struggling.

Thank you to those who have already joined! I have already been so helped by all the members comments about current and future patterns.

Don’t forget that I’m active on other corners of the internet. I’m on facebook and twitter, where I post regularly, and I’m also on pinterest. Join me wherever you hang out most!

Happy Monday!

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Introducing the Puckery Posy Cowl!

I am thrilled with this project.

One of the things I strive for the most in design is to create projects that are fun for knitters to make AND really, really look like you picked it up at a boutique hipster clothing store. And while I seem to see beautiful knitwear from these stores all the time, the challenge to design something in the same vein is usually much harder than I expect when I begin a project.

This time around I had extra inspiration. I teamed up with Chandi over at Expression Fiber Arts. If you’ve never taken a look at her yarn, you must! Her colors are amazingly beautiful and cutting edge. And I love following her blog and Facebook page, she’s a wonderfully sweet and encouraging person.

This cowl was designed with her brand new line of Spectrum Color Shift yarns. A single ply wool yarn with long color changes. When she sent me a photo of the different colorways, it was all I could do to choose just one!

My fashionable sister agreed to model for me. I don’t what I’d do without her. She loves playing with my twins, she weighs in when my fashion sense is completely off base, and she even likes modeling the final project. Isn’t she beautiful?

Here’s to one or two more cuddly, wool projects before spring is here!


This fashionably funky cowl is a breeze to knit up, and with a simple twist you’ll take your knitted work from warm and pretty to downright adorable. It’s designed so that there is lots of thick warm fabric right around your neck for you to snuggle your chin down into without adding any bulk to your coat. The sample in the photography is knit up in Spectrum Color Shift by Expression Fiber Arts, a single ply worsted yarn with long color changes. The color changes paired with the textured stitch pattern add depth and interest to an otherwise simple accessory.
Size: One Size Fits All
Dimensions: 25 inches/63.5cm around x 8 inches/ 20.5cm wide
Gauge: 20 stitches = 4 inches/10cm
-2 skeins of Expression Fiber Arts Spectrum Color Shift (100g, 175 yds/skein), Coffee and Cream colorway.
-Size 6 US/4.0mm needles
-8 removable stitch markers (at least three need to be a different color from the others)
-Darning needle

Purchase the pattern over at Ravelry,

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Epic Knitting

Now that I live in North Carolina, I love every season. I love the long springs and autumns especially, but as a knitter, Winter is my favorite season. This is the time of year that all my cuddly hand knits are most appreciated. It’s also the time when it’s most fun to cuddle up with some hopelessly long project that you don’t ever expect to finish, but the the feeling of cozy hibernation is totally worth it. I call it Epic Knitting. The gift/deadline knitting is done, now it’s time to indulge in some knitterly fantasy.


This year, I’m hoping to start a Fisherman’s sweater for my husband. I’ve done a bit of swatching and I’m really excited. What are your winter project plans?

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Seasonal Knitting

I had a fabulous knitting week followed by a totally demoralizing one. Thus the lack of blogging, I had a super busy week that left no time for writiong, followed by such a terrible one that I had nothing to write about.

I’m really loving this time of year. I’m already anticipating the temperature dropping, and pictures of darling twins in hand knit sweaters posed in piles of beautiful leaves.

I’m still finishing my perfect black layering cardi. I thought I was almost done and then decided to wait till I finished both sleeves to be brutally honest with myself. They just fit so poorly, and didn’t match the look I was going for at all.

I also decided to get some sweaters going for the twins. After scouring my LYS for the perfect yarn for Chad, Found this gorgeousness…

I gave myself the little challenge of  knitting the whole sweater during one weekend trip to the in-laws. It was about to be a “nothing but net”, an, d then the inevitable happened, I ran out of yarn. So, more yarn is on its way (another story for another day), and I’m hoping to have this sweet little sweater for my little towheaded boy finished by the end of next week.

Is anyone else getting excited about fall knitting?


August 14, 2012 at 7:18 pm 1 comment


So here’s my DIP! (Design In Progress)

Have I mentioned I’m madly in love with Liberty Wool? I know, I know, like every time I knit with it. It is an absolute pleasure to work with. I feel like I knit so much faster when I’m using it. You know, lots of people talk about how cotton hurts their hands, because it doesn’t have any give. And I never really got it, until this project I never really noticed the difference in fibers in how comfortable my knitting was. But I am just loving the squishy elasticity in this yarn. It is to die for. I still don’t think cotton is uncomfortable, but this liberty wool is not only comfortable, it’s downright luxurious to work with. And it’s just a simple superwash!

The milestones on this project are flying by. Finished the back, and the left front, I’m making serious progress on the right front, and then I’ll only have the sleeves… but the sleeves are tricky because I haven’t done the first bit of math on them. So that could present some interesting issues. My goal is to have the front finished by the end of the week so I can spend next week on sleeves, both designing and knitting. 🙂

I have two other ideas on the back burner that I’m mulling over as I work on this project. But I do attempt to be a monogamous designer, so I’m plowing through this sweater so I can get started on all this other stuff that’s capturing my inspiration.

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